Permanent memorials, headstones, and grave markers identify your loved one’s final resting place and provide a physical reminder of the relationship you shared. These monuments create a place to gather in memory of those lost and to commemorate the lives of those who came before us. Many families find comfort in the process of designing fitting memorials for those who have passed on and in visiting their chosen monuments throughout the grieving process.

  • Upright


    Upright headstone designs are varied, ranging from simple, traditional headstones to personalized sculptures. Regardless of which custom upright headstone you choose, B.L. Bush & Sons, Inc. will work with you each step of the way to ensure you rightly preserve the story of the one you love. 

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  • Slant


    While not tall enough to be considered an upright monument, a slanted gravestone still stands out in a cemetery because the granite is cut to sit at a steep angle. We can help you choose the right slant monument to reflect the life of your loved one. 

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  • Flush


    A flush memorial is a lawn-level monument that can be personalized and customized to accurately represent your loved one. B.L. Bush & Sons, Inc offers the highest quality products and an experienced staff that will help you select the perfect flush monument. 

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  • Bronze


    Bronze markers can be added to flush, slant or upright  monuments for a unique and memorable touch. Our helpful staff will help you design a bronze marker that will reflect the life of your loved one. 

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  • Benches


    Bench memorials represent an excellent alternative to more traditional memorials or monuments. Custom granite benches provide many unique uses, including using the bench as the family headstone and surrounding the bench with flat grave markers for individual family members.

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  • Mausoleums


    B.L. Bush & Sons Monuments is proud to offer our families a wide variety of monuments to personalize their loved one. 

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  • Restoration Services

    Restoration Services

    Ask us if your monument is suited for restoration.

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